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Meditation : Although Heartspace meditations and talks are based on Buddhist philosophy, you don't need to be a Buddhist to enjoy these groups ! All personal beliefs and traditions are welcome. 

Marah leads Mindfulness Meditation in the Plum Village Tradition. In a typical meditation you are invited to a silent meditation, followed by a video from Thich Nhat Hahn, walking Meditation and Dharma sharing.  We take delight in using bolsters, mats and books directly from Blue Cliff Monastery. Please visit this site regularly for dates and times.


Zoe leads Meditations Tuesdays at 7:15 as Heartspace Yoga welcomes the Scranton Meditation Group.  Each meeting will include practical, guided meditation, and a talk on how to reduce stress and other problems encountered in daily life and how to increase mental and physical well-being. There will also be plenty of time to discuss the ideas presented.

Tuesdays at 6:00 PM Grace Yoga with Tom Hoppel. Grace Yoga is a combination of Ashtanga and Hot Yoga done in a warmed room. Prepare for a workout. Bring your mat, towel and water. Tom has been practicing many types of yoga for more than 25 years, and teaching for over 15. Grace Yoga combines the very best of Bikram and Ashtanga Yoga. Tom studied directly from Sri Pattabhi Jois who founded Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India and has spent over two years living in India. Tom has several teaching certificates and is certified to teach asana, pranayama, mudras and philosophy by Indian masters. He has a regular chanting and meditation practice as well.




About Us

Heartspace Yoga is part of Counseling and Wellness Center of Scranton.  Heartspace provides yoga, meditation and community wellness presentations. We are part of the community and want to help the community with its physical and mental health.

Heartspace Yoga has dedicated experienced instructors who have been doing yoga for many years. Heartspace looks to help you get the most out of your yoga practice.  Based on personal history and activities many of will never get that perfect standing head to knee or the graceful standing bow we have all seen yoga pictures.  But we go out and practice to get better than the day before and the week before.  Some that do get those perfect and graceful poses give something to strive for as we go through this journey.

Our instructors will work with you to get your alignment right and to show the key points of the poses. Many times, modifications or a prop (a block, bolster or blanket) can help you get the mechanics of pose before you can get into the pose totally.  Yoga is a practice that we keep working on and it gives back to us better health both physically and mentally.


Heartspace offers a variety of yoga styles and classes.  The number of yoga lineages is many, some incorporate the same poses but with different names and slightly different alignments or movements. Heartspce offers our instructors the chance to teach these different types which gives our students a wide range of poses and different types of workouts.   Give us a try as you give yourself some love. The first person you need to take care of is yourself otherwise you won’t be helpful to anybody else.





Namaste & Welcome!  On January 10, 2012 I began my journey in yoga.
I work in a very stressful environment and I used to think I was fine working day in and day out in this environment! It wasn’t until I found yoga and meditation that I learned that the burdens that I carry day in and day out are not normal to carry. This is where I learned about self-care; to include my mental health! I learned if I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of my family, friends, or my loved ones!
Outside of the yoga room I am a licensed social worker (in PA) and my full-time job is a drug treatment specialist at a federal prison. I like to have fun, laugh, and joke with you! I thank you for joining me both on and off the mat in this beautiful journey we call life.
My training includes:
26 & 2, 200 Hour YTT through SHY and Jimmy Barkan, 2019
Level II/III Barkan Hot Yoga Vinyasa through SHY and Jimmy Barkan, 2020
Zen Barre, 2020
SUP Yoga Center, 2021


My goal as a yoga teacher is to help students connect the mind and body by integrating meditation and physical movement through their yoga practice.
Off my yoga mat, I work as a real estate agent, and have a passion for design and architecture.
In my free time, I enjoy hiking, paddleboarding and traveling to new cities.
Fun fact: Reading is my favorite pastime and as much as I love spending time with friends and family, I enjoy quiet time alone the morning.

Erin K



Mindfulness is used to destress, relax, and promote a sense of steady calmness. You become aware and
awake to the present moment, bringing your body and mind into harmony. You do not need to change
any beliefs, it’s just a way to open awareness, caring, warmth and kindness to yourself and others.
Our minds are hard wired to evaluate our human experience and often we have expectations on how
things “should be”, and emotions attached to our expectations. Through various techniques
Mindfulness will teach you to be Compassionate and to have a gentle Curiosity, without judging
yourself. It takes regular practice and involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and body scans.
I would be delighted to guide you in your practice. I practice and teach Mindfulness in the Plum Village
tradition and the 5 Mindfulness Trainings. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about
Mindfulness, please call or email at


I am an artist, model, and yoga teacher!

I enjoy combining my creativity/artistic skills with yoga. I love challenging my students while helping them get deeper into poses each visit! Seeing the positivity in students and to share my love of yoga with them fills my heart. Yoga has changed my life when it was much needed! Mentally, physically, and spiritually. I love a new lifestyle now where I embrace everyday like my last. Yoga has helped with my past traumas and injuries. I love teaching others how to be more mentally aware and open your 3rd eye. I am very fun, outgoing, and patient. I was certified in Las Vegas, Nevada by Mark Balfe-Taylor who was trained by the best and well known teachers. I just moved back to the area. Yoga has became my lifestyle. I have my 200 RYT plus an additional 50 hour yin training. When I teach yoga, breathwork, or meditation I radiate all my energy to my students. I'm not teaching for myself, but I am teaching for you all to receive and take in the benefits I want you to experience! I hope to meet you on the mat!! Let's get creative and keep our energy aligned! The light in me, sees the light in you. 


Bonjours , my name is Audrey I am a Yoga Allianceregistered yoga teacher, RYT® 200.

I began my love affair with yoga back in 2012 to cope with stress from the Corporate World. Chemical Engineer by day, mother of 2, I was off center and unbalanced. My yoga practice steered me towards a quiet mind and taught me to slow down. I initially took the teacher training to further my practice but found an unexpected joy in leading others on their own journey.  Always eager to learn, explore, and share, my goal is to inspireyoga practitioners of all skill levels in finding a calmness of their own.

My classes focus on providing a safe space so each student can just breath. In a fresh and modern way, I encourage students to embrace their unique flow in life – on and off the mat.

SUP Yoga Teacher Training – 25Hr Paddleboard Yoga & Water Safety
June 2021
Zen Barre Certification – Yoga with an emphasis on ballet and
strength training.
Mar 2020
RYS 200 – The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga 80Hr Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa Training With Jimmy Barkan and Lara Alexiou
March 14 – April 13, 2020
RYS 200 – The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga 200Hr Bikram 26+2 Teacher Training With Jimmy Barkan and Lara Alexiou
March 14 – April 13, 2019
RYS 200 – Yoga West Academy
200Hr Ashtanga Teacher Training
@ Yoga West Academy
January 14 – June 24, 2018
Formal Education - MAS Radiation
Sciences, BS Chemical Engineering


Contact Us

Heartspace Yoga

4 Meadow  Ave, Suite B, Scranton, PA 18505

(Next to CVS Pharmacy)

Tel: 570-575-4286


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