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Seven Core Benefits of Qi Gong

Seven Core Benefits of Qi Gong by Holden QiGong

From the outside, it’s not entirely obvious what the benefits of Qi Gong are. This is why people who aren’t familiar with Qi Gong sometimes ask us, “What are the benefits of Qi Gong?” It’s a good question. In this blog, we’re going to share seven of the core benefits you can expect to experience from practicing Qi Gong. There are many reasons people practice Qi Gong and each person has their own. Some are drawn to it for emotional balance, others for a specific health reason, and some find that it helps with their sleep. Additionally, many people start practicing for one reason but decide to continue for an entirely different reason. Regardless of where the inspiration comes from to explore Qi Gong, practitioners will discover a vast variety of benefits that the practice has to offer. While it’s impossible to truly quantify its nourishing qualities, we decided to share a blog post about seven of the primary benefits that Qi Gong offers.

1. Decreases Stress Almost everyone in modern life deals with stress. It’s one of the most common causes of health ailments and can dramatically inhibit emotional stability and wellbeing. Whether you’re an overwhelmed parent, hustling professional, or busy retired person, you probably have to manage the stress that your environment presents you with on a daily basis. One of the most powerful characteristics of Qi Gong is its ability to help us let go of stress. By blending the relaxing qualities of meditation with the activating nature of movement, Qi Gong helps us to release stressful energy. Doing so doesn’t just help us to feel better, but it paves the way for many other wonderful Qi Gong benefits.

2. Elevates Mood By letting go of stress, we create spaciousness in our body and mind for new states of being. This allows us to cultivate our inner potential to elevate our emotions and experience a more positive and pleasant way of being. Elevating our mood helps us to feel more energized and alive throughout all of life’s activities. This means that instead of relying on frequent coffee breaks to get through the day, we can instead find energy within ourselves to keep us inspired and moving forward. Not to mention, if we’re having a rough day, Qi Gong can help us to return to our foundation of emotional stability and strength.

3. Improves Sleep Just as Qi Gong can allow us to feel more energized, it can help us to transition into a restful state that is conducive to deep, healing sleep. Part of this is based on Qi Gong’s ability to help us maintain a healthy balance of Yin and Yang energy. Instead of being tired during the day and restless at night, the practice can help us to concentrate our Yang energy during the daytime hours and our Yin energy during the night. Many Qi Gong practitioners have a regular evening routine to help them let go of the day’s events and prepare for sleep. In addition to maximizing the quality of sleep, an evening Qi Gong routine is a great way to process and integrate all of the experiences you had throughout the day.

4. Activates Healing Energy At Holden QiGong, many of our most dedicated practitioners first discovered Qi Gong as the result of a personal medical journey. Qi Gong has an amazing ability to activate our body’s internal healing potential. Whether someone is struggling with a digestive issue, back pain, serious headaches, or other ailment, there is always a Qi Gong practice that can help with healing. It’s truly profound how transformative Qi Gong can be when it comes to overcoming injury or illness. While we always make it clear that it’s important to also consult with medical professionals, it’s clear that Qi Gong is an invaluable tool for helping individuals overcome many different kinds of medical hardships.

5. Helps To Clear Pain Just as Qi Gong can help us to heal, it can also help us to let go of pain. By addressing the true origin of our discomfort and suffering, Qi Gong can transform many unhealthy energy states and relieve pain. When students walk into the classroom with chronic ailments, it’s not uncommon for them to report significant reductions in pain after just a couple of Qi Gong classes. Sometimes, students didn’t even consider the healing benefits of Qi Gong before giving it a try, but as soon as they discover how powerful it is, they become dedicated life-long practitioners. Remember how we said that some people discover Qi Gong for one reason but continue practicing for another?

6. Boosts Immune System It’s widely known by both eastern and western medical professionals that stress can decrease the effectiveness of our immune system. Therefore, reducing stress improves the immune system, and that is exactly what Qi Gong helps us to do. Unfortunately, stress has a nasty habit of preventing us from experiencing the healthy and happy states of being that humans love to enjoy. It’s obvious when stress is preventing us from feeling relaxed, but many people may not think about the physiological effect of stress. Stress activates the body’s sympathetic nervous system, which is our “fight or flight” response. While it’s important to be poised and ready for action when facing a tiger in the jungle, this heightened state of being isn’t conducive to fending off sickness and disease. Qi Gong helps us to activate the body’s parasympathetic nervous system which allows us to direct our energy (Qi) towards boosting our immune system and healing.

7. Helps Us Connect To Our Higher Truth Qi Gong is a wonderful way to expand our consciousness and connect to the world and universe around us. Whatever one’s beliefs may be, the practice helps to cultivate the universal truths of love and compassion. Many practitioners feel that Qi Gong leads them to a feeling of deep connection with the world around us. It reminds us that we’re a small part of a much bigger universe, and that our body is a miraculous vessel of limitless Qi. By tuning in and learning the language of energy, we can become students of the earth, nature, and cosmos. This leads to a feeling of spiritual clarity and directness in all aspects of our lives.

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